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  • Transfer/Reactivation

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    Thinking about Transferring or Reactivating? Please read the FAQ below to consider your options (Campaign 1922 vs. Membership Directly via
    Alpha Omicron Sigma)

    Q. What is Campaign 1922?
    A. The Grand Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc has set a goal for increased membership growth called Campaign 1922.  This campaign provides a plan to achieve growth in graduate membership via reactivation.  Although each member is encouraged to be actively involved in recruitment and reactivation, this campaign is a focus on reactivation.  Through Campaign 1922, members can reactivate as General Members or directly through a chapter.

    Q. Why is the campaign name, Campaign 1922?
    A. All sorors can identify with and remember the number 1922.  This number is significant because it is the year of our birth.   All chapters and members are asked to sign on to building our membership as Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. continues to increase membership.

    Q. Who is eligible to reactivate using Campaign 1922?
    A. (1) Sorors who have been inactive in the sorority for at least one full fiscal year. (2) Sorors who hold a baccalaureate degree. (3) Sorors who are interested in becoming an active member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority.
    Note that it is best to reactivate directly via the local chapter if you were financial during any timeframe between 2003-Present. If you were last a financial member prior to 2003, Campaign 1922 is the most cost-effective option for you!

    Q. I joined Sigma Gamma Rho as an undergraduate and I have been inactive for years.  Unfortunately, I have not yet attained my baccalaureate degree.  Can I take advantage of this reclamation opportunity as a general member?
    A. Unfortunately, lacking a baccalaureate degree makes you ineligible to take advantage of general membership.  However, you can reactivate with a local alumnae chapter of your choice as an Associate Member.

    Q. What exactly does the cost of Campaign 1922 cover?
    A. It covers national, regional, SPEAR and NEF assessments.  You will also receive a welcome back package which will be sent from the International Corporate Headquarters.  That package will include a welcome letter from the Grand Basileus, a Constitution-Bylaws and SOP Manual, TORCH Manual, and information about upcoming regional conferences.

    Q. Are there any additional fees to reactivate through Campaign 1922?
    A. If you reactivate in a chapter, there could be an additional fee which is set by the chapter.

    Q. I was last active in the Central Region.  I now live in California in the Western Region.  Since this fee covers all national, regional and foundation assessments, can I select the region in which I want to affiliate?
    A. As a reactivating general member you will be placed in the region based on the state where you live.

    Q. Can I become a Member-at-Large under Campaign 1922?
    A. You can reactivate as a General Member and transfer to the Member-at-Large status if you meet the requirements.

    Q. How long will this reduced reactivation fee be offered? Is there a deadline to get my full payment submitted?
    A. This offer will expire on soon. However, it will only cover membership fees for the current sorority year. Please contact the membership chair for further details.

    Q. I am a financial Soror seeking a new chapter to call home. What should I do?
    A. You've come to the right place, Soror! If you are simply transferring please contact our Membership Chair, Soror Christina Taylor, at for more information about the transfer process, proper protocol, and forms.

    As you can see, Soror, Sigma Gamma Rho has made every effort to assist you in coming back to the sisterhood.
    The Alpha Omicron Sigma chapter welcomes you with opens arms!
    Feel free to contact the Membership Chair of Alpha Omicron Sigma if you have questions or if you would like the fees & forms sent to you.
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